About the App

The Benefits

Emotional Awareness is a key component to more deeply understanding ourselves. The insight gained from using this app can offer vital information that can help you develop a more conscious relationship to your emotions, which can affect every facet of your life.

By reminding you to regularly “check in” on your emotional state throughout the day and collecting that data, you are creating a map from your own observation that allows you to better understand your emotional patterns, and therefore cultivate deeper awareness.

The Participation Experience

Settings: You will be asked to check in with the emotions that you are feeling a specific number of times each day. You control how many times a day you submit your information, and you can update the frequency at any time in the Settings feature of the Menu. The Emotional Awareness App from Awareness U™ will always provide an ad-free check in experience.

Check in: For the purpose of using this app, we have divided the human emotional experience into eight different categories, which contain variations and degrees of any specific emotion. These categories were designed to offer a simple, yet comprehensive system to create a foundation for a deepening relationship and understanding of these ever-changing emotional states within you. When you tap on one of these eight emotional categories, a list of related and associated words for that category will be displayed to assist you, ensuring you are choosing the correct category that reflects your emotional state in that moment. (For a more detailed description of the Emotional Categories, refer to Your Emotions in the Menu.) You will continue to gain more awareness of your emotions over time the more you participate, so strive to make using this app a part of your daily routine.

Notes: As part of your journey into emotional awareness, remember to use the Notes function. This feature allows you to manually capture specific and personal information during each check in about your emotional experience. Refer to your entries at any time in the Notes section in the Menu.

APP MAPS: By selecting the APP MAP option, you can see an overview of the valuable emotional check in information that you have submitted. Each of the four APP MAPs (Your Emotions, Range, Focus of Your Attention, and Your Body Sense) all display and map specific information and data collected from your experience. By tapping on aspects of each areas of the APP MAPS provided, you can see more specific and additional data analysis. You may select Filter to show patterns for all of the emotions, or only specific emotions within each map. You may also choose to review your APP MAPS with a coach, trainer or counselor who can help to interpret the information and provide personal guidance.

APP MAP Time Ranges: On each APP MAP, you can select the time range of your data to display the past Day (24 hours), Week (7 days), Month (30 days) and Year (365 days). This will allow you to track your own emotional patterns closely. For an upgraded purchase, you may customize the time range to show your data for each map. This is helpful to track emotions surrounding specific life events or time periods. Click here for more info to upgrade your app experience.

Video/Photo Journal: This app includes a feature that allows you, as part of your check in process, the option to not only capture but also to and share your emotional experience with a photo or video (up to 30 seconds) on various social media platforms. Adding the a video or photo feature to your app and to your online Awareness-U™ profile page check in experience will help to further enrich your experience and offer a more complete documented overview of your journey into emotional awareness. Refer to the

Menu section of your app to view a collection of your images in the Gallery. You may use this feature for no extra charge to capture the first 6 photos or video. Upgrade to Premium experience to allow you unlimited use of this valuable feature. (You may disable this function in the Camera/Video section of the Menu.)