About Awareness U

Each day of your life is filled with experiences that define you.  They impact your relationships, your choices, and your understanding of yourself.  The best way to make sure you live your life fully aware is to engage in the process of developing a deeper understanding of what makes you you.

Awareness U™ has developed the Emotional Awareness App that allows you to be engaged in a deepening sense of self.  This tool is easy to use and creates the opportunity for capturing information in-the-moment that can be observed and acted on.  The app is designed to provide feedback that can be a guide to learning more about yourself. Deepening in your understanding of your self can help you develop more confidence and access your hidden potential.

The Emotional Awareness App is the first app available from Awareness U™ and allows you to track your emotions in your daily life.

Available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.


Join in this effort to Invite the World into Awareness with the Awareness U Project and apps from Awareness U™.